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  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner - MN STORE
  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner - MN STORE
  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner - MN STORE
  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner - MN STORE
  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner - MN STORE
  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner - MN STORE
  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner - MN STORE
  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner - MN STORE
  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner - MN STORE
  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner - MN STORE
  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner - MN STORE
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Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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😎 Ideal For Home With Hard Floor And Carpet 🤩

Clean the narrow spaces under your sofa or kitchen cabinet at ease using our Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Our Robot Vacuum can clean and run into any confined areas and tidy up the blind corners. It has a powerful suction that quickly picks the hair, dust, and debris and an anti-tangle suction mouth that can clean hair easily without hair entanglement problems.

Our Robot Cleaners allow you to clean your floor thoroughly and effortlessly while enjoying its quiet and non-intrusive noise level. Get this time and labor-saving robot cleaner now, and make cleaning more relaxed and effortless!

Damp Mopping

  • Our smart Vacuum Cleaner Specially designed for hard floors ( wood/tile/pet hair/laminate). With a smart water tank installed, Pull deeper dirt and grime off your floors and maintain them Gleaming every day.

smart vacuum cleaner

Dry Vacuuming Sweeping

  • Put dust bin into the robot and remove the mop holder, start vacuuming sweeping mode in the initial cleaning round before mopping. With MAX mode, whopping suction easily picks up dust dirts debris.

smart vacuum cleaner
Smart Features

  • Fall Prevention: A suit of cliff sensors keep the robot from falling off stairs.
  • smart vacuum cleaner
  • Obstacle Detection: Front obstacle sensors with Tpu bumper let our Vacuum Cleaner avoid barriers and protect your furniture.
  • Easy To Overcome Obstacles:Barrier-cross for the height of 10mm max, while climbing for 15-degree max.

smart vacuum cleaner

Automatically docks and recharges, and is always ready to clean.

  • Cleaning Enhanced Performance by high 1000PA suction power.
  • Edge cleaning mode focuses on corner/wall side cleaning. Low profile design to clean under beds, sofa where dirt hides.
  • New powerful motor with max mode and pet hair technology picks up furs, debris, dust and dirty easily and efficiently

Cleaning Modes

  • Auto clean - automatically cleaning randomly
  • Spot clean - deep cleaning on a special dirty area.
  • Edge clean - clean along the wall sides.
  • Scheduling clean - preset the time you want it to run, which allows it to clean when you are asleep or go out.

smart vacuum cleaner

smart vacuum cleaner

Clean the dust box and change the mop cloth:

  • Open the lid by pushing the "push" area on the lid, take out the dust box.
  • Pour out the trash, clean the dust box and filter by water, reuse them after nature-drying.
  • When used on the carpet, the mop can be removed by pulling out the mop bracket.
  • The mop cloth can be torn off and cleaned by water and reused after drying.

How to use the water bank:

  • Before using the water tank, the mop bracket with mop should be assembled on the cleaner correctly
  • Pouring the water into the tank.
  • Open the lid, put the tank into the body, the weep hole at the bottom of the tank should be
  • aligned with the weep hole on the clean body.
  • Start the machine to get wet mopping.

smart vacuum cleaner
smart vacuum cleaner
Product Specifications:

  • Diameter: 310mm
  • Height: 76mm
  • Weight: 2.25kg
  • Electrical Specifications
  • Voltage: 14.4V
  • Battery specification: Lithium-ion 2600mAH
  • Cleaning Specifications
  • Dust bin capacity:0.45L
  • Charging type: Auto Charging/Manual Charging
  • Cleaning mode: Auto, Spot, Edge, Daily Schedule, Miniroom, Max
  • Charging time:300 min
  • Cleaning time: 120-140 min
  • Main Body Button Type: Mechanical Button

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