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Teeth Whitening Kit

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😁 Make Your Smile Beautiful With Less Effort 🤩

Teeth whitening lightens teeth and helps to remove stains and discoloration. Whitening is among the most popular cosmetic dental procedures because it can greatly improve how your teeth look.
Applicable Crowd: Teeth stain from coffee, tobacco, genetic, tetracycline, food coloring, aging and other kind things that yellow the teeth.

Let’s face it, store-bought teeth whitening strips and moldable trays are hard to use, messy and deliver poor results. Teeth whitening at the dentist is expensive and takes hours.

Product Features:

  • The teeth whitening kit includes an accelerator light that speeds up the whitening process. LED light contains 5 bulbs for more power and has a built-in timer with a beeper so you can easily keep track of your whitening session time.
  • Kit includes (2) 5mL teeth whitening gel syringes, containing 35% carbamide peroxide and a total of 20+ whitening treatments. Gel is made in the USA, gluten-free, kosher, safe for enamel and produces no tooth sensitivity.

  • The mouth tray requires no molding or boiling, which means the tray fits any mouth and allows you to whiten the top and bottom teeth at the same time comfortably.

  • Use once a day for 30 minutes and remove stains from coffee, wine, soda, tea, smoking and more. See visible results and whiter teeth after just 1 tooth whitening treatment with this kit.
  • Kit includes a tray case for storing the mouth tray and detailed instructions for proper use

Usage description

  • Turn on the LED teeth whitening and check;
  • Rotate the back of the whitening pen and press the whitening gel onto the brush head;
  • Apply the tooth whitening gel evenly on the upper and lower teeth, and apply a thickness of about 1 mm;
  • Insert the tray, the tray will be in contact with the gel, but avoid rubbing to ensure that the gel will remain in contact with the teeth during tooth whitening;
  • Insert the tray into the tray for 10 minutes or 7 minutes, then rinse with water.

Step Of Usges

  • Brush teeth and wipe
  • Apply the gel on the tooth surface
  • Install silicone tray
  • Place the tray in the mouth and bite it , then turn on the light
  • Rinse mouth with water, Remove the tray
  • Place tray into the boiling water for cleaning and sterilizing

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